Mountain View College in the Philippines welcomes new president

Reflecting on a decades-long journey that has brought him back to where he started, Dr. Gladden O. Flores stood in front of the student body and teaching staff and accepted the responsibility to lead the Adventist church's Mountain View College in the Philippines. During his inauguration as the 16th college president on September 23, he emphasized his hope that the institution will continue to grow and realize its vision to instill in the students a commitment to be a light to the community until the return of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Gladden Flores and his wife, Pinky, holding a symbol of a torch that represents his acceptance as the 16th president of Mountain View College (MVC) in the southern Philippines. Dr. Flores was inaugurated on September 23 at the college alumni church. [photo provided by the MVC office of the president]

Dr. Flores earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and Health from Mountain View College in 1980 and taught Bible and Social Science at Matutum View Academy. He went on to pursue an MA in Educational Administration and Supervision at Philippine Union College and completed in 1985. In 1991, he earned a doctoral degree in Educational Management in Southwestern University, Cebu City, in 1991.

Dr. Flores’ talents include singing, preaching, and playing the violin. His hobbies are playing ball games, gardening, baking, and cooking.

He is married to Pinky Flores, née Suson Pingal, who holds degrees in Medical Technology and Masters in Public Health Education. He and his wife have two children: Wayne Reinhard who is a registered nurse, and Suzanne Pearl who graduated with a degree in nursing. Both teach at Ekamai International School in Bangkok. 

Dr. Gladden Flores, the new president of Mountain View College (MVC) in southern Philippines, stands surrounded by the faculty and staff of the insitution with the Adventist church leaders in the church territory. Flores was inaugurated as the college's 16th president on Septermber 23. [photo provided by the MVC office of the president]

Mountain View College is established in 1953 and currently serves over 2,000 students from the Philippines and abroad and upholds its core values as mission-driven, vision-oriented and Christ-centered. 

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